Time Saving


Our Client:

Our client is one of the world’s leading converged video, broadband and communication companies, operating in six European countries under multiple consumer brands. Their infrastructure and platforms empower customers to make the most of the digital revolution.

The Problem:

The Client’s network inventory had rapidly expanded throughout Europe after several acquisitions and mergers. This resulted in multiple enterprise scale solutions and critical systems requiring deeper integration combined with the outsourcing of a significant proportion of support functions.

This presented The Client with significant challenges and the need to quickly introduce automation at scale to their business processes and technical support of their pan-European inventory.

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The Solution:

We proposed a three-stage approach: Stabilisation, Remediation and Transformation.

The Project Foundry assessed the strategic challenges and initiated a production pilot to provide proof of value for a larger business case. This initial pilot proved extremely successful, and a programme of work centred across three regions was mobilised. Using a combination of The Project Foundry and client and partner resources, the programme integrated enterprise solutions, rapidly identifying, mapping, and analysing support processes.

The team focused on identifying and prioritising where the greatest automation ROI was to be achieved. Introducing a single platform to digest real-time data from multiple and varied data points gave the ability to link automation and leverage economies of scale to reduce the cost of each new automation further. This approach further increased returns on investment.

Benefits Delivered:

  • The Programme significantly Reduced Steps by 29%.
  • The team achieved a significant reduction in business process stages by an average of 29%.
  • Reduced Time by 67% – Automating many of the manual steps significantly reduced process execution time.
  • Improved Quality +18% – The introduction of full and partial automations led to a sizeable drop in process errors.
  • ROI +647% – Automations have brought approx. 647% return on the client’s investment to date.