Our Client:

This client is a market-leading consumer finance business, third-party loan servicer and asset manager, employing 1000’s globally and with billions in assets under management.

The Problem:

A highly dispersed hybrid network spanning multiple sites with no central management or monitoring led to unplanned downtime, increased management overhead, complexity & risk. There was no centralised change management process or solution.

Change release was not overseen nor managed, leading to unplanned or unseen changes and exponentially increased remediation time. There were also significant knowledge gaps and a lack of knowledge transfer from vendors due to a lack of internal vendor management with no time for governance or future planning.

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The Solution:

We proposed a three-stage approach: Stabilisation, Remediation and Transformation.

In stabilisation, we performed a discovery exercise across the hybrid environment, addressing points of concern within the environment to bring it in line with industry best practices. We then completed a baseline review across all applications and infrastructure. Our project team prioritised and sequenced the required changes, bringing the estate to a consistent vendor-supported level.

Finally, we identified a transformational body of work to dramatically improve the availability, performance and scalability of the client’s infrastructure and applications,  introducing a technical governance service to ensure the environment aligns with industry practices and client requirements. Quarterly reviews deliver “lessons learned” while using the forum to discuss the client’s future plans and industry trends that ultimately benefit the client and set up POCs where required to future-proof the client’s technical estate. We create upgrade roadmaps and retire legacy systems as part of the service, improving productivity and reducing risk.

Benefits Delivered:

Our client now has the expertise required to identify the steps needed to ensure their customers were kept content and paid promptly. Their pre-conceptions were challenged and evidence-based plans were proposed. The Project Foundry provided a clear, structured roadmap to ensure success in meeting the CEO’s requirements.  Our Client is now on track to meet the change in expectations from their customers.