We believe that project management doesn’t need to be difficult or complicated. In fact, the power of simplicity is key to project success. Keeping things simple makes things easier for our customers.  Simplicity, clarity and honesty in our product, publications, people and company.


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Strategy Realisation and Execution

At The Project Foundry, our Strategy Realisation Solution, offered to our strategic partner clients, ensures that each project solution is implemented truly and consistently, and aligns with the client’s own short and long term strategic objectives. Together with Service Assurance, this provides clients with clarity of delivery, and certainly that projects undertaken will achieve their corporate strategic objectives.


At The Project Foundry, we can provide all levels of experience based on a client’s preference, project budget, and specific needs. Our default position however, is to provide people with 7-10+ years of experience. This benefits client projects immediately, as there is no initial period of upskilling
the Project Manager or Analyst. With The Project Foundry, experience comes as standard.


The Project Foundry is designed and built to deliver based on agile and lean principles. As such, an abundance of experience can be provided to clients at competitive rates, representing real value for money. Clients pay for the services being provided and the output delivered, without vying to shoulder the cost of overheads that do not relate to their own business or project needs. Ar The Project Foundry, value comes as standard.


At The Project Foundry, our Governance Framework ensures central oversight of all projects to ensure that best practice and optimal solutions are being implemented, eliminating scope creep and project slippage, and assuring on-time project delivery and strategy execution.

Our Process Model

Our Process Model