Leadership in

Uncertain Times

“We look to leaders for guidance in good times and bad. The final whistle to determine the full impact of the era of uncertainty may be years away. The current challenges will not magically resolve by doing nothing….” – View the webinar hosted by John McGrath and The Project Foundry, where we explore how organisations can deliver leadership and assurance in uncertain times, and download the white paper below.

Uncertainty is no longer on the agenda. It is the agenda.

The world is in a tailspin. The unprecedented turmoil of geopolitical instability, pandemic fatigue, energy shortages, climate change, global inflation and macroeconomic disruptions, is the ultimate cluster challenge. The resolution of these issues all boils down to one fundamental: Leadership.

Leadership and uncertainty go hand in hand. Great leaders act, and act decisively. They create order and opportunity from chaos and complexity. Providing the organisation with clarity of purpose amidst the fog of uncertainty is currently the most critical leadership skill required for organisations to thrive and succeed.

Uncertainty can be paralysing and it can be tempting to withdraw inwards to the comfort of disillusioned denial. Leaders have a choice. The best leaders actively resist this instinct and put their head above the parapet. They make the difficult decisions and move forward even in the face of ambiguity. As Thomas Edison said, “Genius is one percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration”.

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