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Bridge the gap between digital strategy and delivery. Take your project pulse now with our Digital Health Check.

Our Digital Project Management Office helps business and technology leaders drive strategic business change and digital transformation via remote project delivery.


The traditional role of the PMO and project management is evolving – with the focus on spreadsheets, schedules, and status reports becoming redundant. Our remote PMO focuses on innovation and continuous improvement while leveraging emerging technology. We mobilise & coordinate knowledge, people, resources, and capabilities remotely.

Our Digital PMO disrupts the traditional PMO model, providing clients with cutting-edge delivery capabilities for a fraction of the original cost. The Project Foundry team works together seamlessly in a global operation to ensure excellence.

Digital PMO, Digital Project Managment Office
Digital PMO, Digital Project Managment Office

Our Digital PMO disrupts the traditional PMO model, providing clients with cutting edge delivery capabilities for a fraction of the original cost.

Our talented team works together seamlessly in a global operation to ensure excellence.

Take our Digital Health Check to gain Intelligent Insights

Our Digital Health Check is a key part of our customer onboarding process. Due to the unprecedented demand for outsourced PMO, we are offering the chance to avail of this free for a limited time.

The Digital Health Check assigns scores to specific project components using our unique and expert evaluation system. Our smart canvas evaluates project components, they include:

  • Collaboration Tools
  • PPM Tools
  • Business Process Management Tools
  • Robotic Process Automation Tools
  • Digital Strategy
  • PMP Roadmap
  • Emerging Tech Skillsets
  • Agile Tools
  • Governance
  • Remote Working Practices and Culture

What can the Digital PMO do for you?

We have identified all the potential pitfalls of traditional project management. Our industry knowledge combined with our findings designed a unique Digital PMO solution.

Have you ever experienced any of the following?

Financial and Governance

    Poor financial control, forecasting and governance.

    Increased and unexpected costs.

    Issues or “surprises” leading to project failure, delays and scope creep.


    Multiple silos or tools that are not connected with each other.

    Inadequate communication and collaboration tools.

    Difficulty with vendors or third-party providers.

People Management

   Lack of resource availability and skillsets.

    Lack of strategic alignment on projects

    Poor customer experience or stakeholder management.

Our Digital PMO overcomes potential pitfalls to ensure success as we move forward in the digital world. Effective, agile & tech-savvy – our Digital PMOs are ready to bridge the gap between strategy, design and innovation.

Why is the Digital PMO different?


Our Digital Project Management Office goes beyond the traditional fundamentals of project management. Taking high-level objectives and distilling them down to the business case level we can then deliver a defined project to create value and ROI.

The Digital PMO Features

    Design & Implement PPM

    Manage PPM, licensing & upgrade

    PMO Roadmap Leveraging Emerging Tech

    Continuous Improvement of lean processes and capabilities

    Access to our proprietary template and process repository

    Preferential Resource Rate Card

    Global Delivery Team

    Portfolio Management & Exec Dashboard

    Faster Projects with lower costs

    Business Case Creation

    Benefits Realisation

The Key Benefits of the Digital PMO

The Digital PMO bridges the gap between strategy and delivery.

The Digital PMO process takes an overarching view of projects and implements them into a strategic delivery roadmap. Great project ideas are only one piece of the puzzle. Without the right structure, process and strategy, a project will inevitably end up failing.

That’s why we have developed the following process to ensure each of the most important aspects of any project is covered:

The Digital PMO delivers an

Agile Digital Workflow

The Digital PMO Before and After Transformation

Our Digital Project Management Office Maturity Journey

We enable an effective transition from traditional project delivery to a digitally transformed project infrastructure that incorporates the following features:

    Collaboration Tools

    Portfolio Management

    Budget and Time Tracking

    Business Case Creation

    Collaboration and Task Management


    PMO Core Functions


How does The Digital Health Check work?

It’s simple!

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We Deliver for our Customers.

– here’s what they say about us

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“What comes across most is trust and simplicity, in that they are relatively small and agile, and, in that context, they can tailor the offering to what we like and that works well for us.”

ICON, Director, IT Operations, Cormac Dunne

“Working with TPF has been a real pleasure. They hit the ground running and onboarded very quickly. Their team is always professional and available. I really like their Digital PMO as a service model which enabled us to transition quickly whilst giving us the agility and structure needed to succeed. Their project as a service resourcing model also provides great flexibility when resourcing projects.”

The Institute of Banking, Director of Digital Transformation,
Derek Lawson

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“I use the services of The Project Foundry because they’re not a body shop, they provide a much more niche and a specialized service. They really took the time to get to know our business and interpret its culture and it has been reassuring, time and time again, to know that can understand precisely the fit that is needed and develop a powerful team and project plan through their extremely strong network of experts”

Davy, Head of Change & Transformation, Helena Barrett

Bridge the gap between digital strategy

and delivery with the Digital PMO

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