We accelerate the identification and successful selection of PPM Software with our deep domain knowledge by transforming your PMO via our PPM technology roadmap- unlike the technology vendors pushing feature-led conversations.

Businesses that want to leverage PPM need to prepare for process change, technology change and organisational change. Many organisations want to get straight to it, not prepare, jump in and use the technology. Many seek quick wins and worry about scale later, with a desire to see immediate outputs rather than working towards sustainable outcomes. Many need to prove that something works before they invest.

At The Project Foundry, we believe in quick wins and leveraging technology; however, we also know that even quick wins and rapid return on investment require a certain level of process streamlining in the PMO. We can’t effectively digitally transform the PMO if the underlying processes are themselves not efficient or designed to take advantage of PPM technology.

If we are to build a robust, technology-infused, innovative business, we better start at the beginning and rapidly evolve our current PMO to match the demands of a future, integrated environment.

The Project Foundry believes that the true transformation of the PMO can only occur when we prepare people and processes.


  • High-Level Business Needs – Market Alignment
  • Build the Business Case – what does success look like
  • Detailed Requirements – tailored PPM Canvas
  • PPM Tooling Architecture – future-proofed, integrated, aligned
  • PPM Roadmap – sustainable PPM technology roadmap


  • Shortlist
  • Selection
  • Implementation


  • Roadmap Execution
  • Mature – Target use cases
  • Innovate and Integrate

Build the Business Case

Our PPM business case development provides accurate cost and benefit estimates before commencing a PPM replacement process. Once a final solution is selected, a detailed business case will be required to secure investment approval. We support all stages of the business case preparation. Our extensive PPM project and market knowledge ensures robust cost estimates, and we have developed detailed processes to identify reliable business benefits.

We support all stages of business case development.

It’s tempting to simply ‘Implement’ a PPM solution. However, the direct route isn’t necessarily the most efficient or effective for creating long-term business value. Many organisations’ PMO/change processes were not built with complete digitisation in mind. PPM requires a rethink of the PMO and change processes to maximise business value, reduce risk and find quick wins.

We call this preparation the Zone of Readiness.

We guide our clients through our Adaptive PPM Tooling Canvas Workshops tailored to your needs. This highly interactive and collaborative exercise identifies key requirements, prioritising and sequencing them into your PPM technology roadmap.

We will look at your PPM architecture relative to your situation-specific needs. We notice that many organisations have existing siloed data repositories and reporting platforms they’ve invested heavily in, such as Power BI.

As happens with most other system implementations, we quickly define the” as is”, then move focus on “to be” and “preferred future”.This forms an integral part of the PPM technology roadmap’s later stages.

Once you complete our three-step plan, you are then ready for Day Zero launch. We have noticed many companies stop here, and this is where gaining true business value from the investment in PPM technology will fall down. The Project Foundry not only enables you to prepare for your launch, but we are also there every step of the way as the tool rolls out new functionality, and we will unlock the value of this to:

  • Increase your ROI
  • Decrease your PPM waste- as the tool rolls out new functionality, we will unlock the value of this, therefore unlock the value of your investment
  • Create your Roadmap

Too much change at once can break things in your PMO. To truly transform your PMO you need to define its North Star (PMO Charter) and the pathway to achieve this.

Many of the tools available today offer a very powerful suite of features that can enable this transformation (assuming the other core ingredients are in place). However trying to deliver too many features and functionality in too short period of time will break the PMO and dilute the return on investment.

Using the inputs from the previous steps in our process – we build a Sustainable PPM Technology Roadmap that focuses on:

  • High impact /high priority capabilities to be delivered in the initial release(s)
  • Clearly sequence the roadmap to ensure dependencies are met
  • High level timeline for releases aligned to the cadence of the business

Enterprise organisations have long acknowledged that systems like ERP and CRM are essential components of mission-critical business technology. The same cannot be said about Project & Portfolio Management (PPM) solutions. We believe this needs to change.

The PMO is evaluated by its ability to empower project portfolio decision-makers and serve business stakeholders. Embracing PPM Technology can empower technology and change leaders to cultivate a digitally transformed, innovative PMO.

By working with The Project Foundry on your PPM requirements, you have a proven pathway to unlocking business value.

What normally would have taken organisations months now takes a matter of days. PPM can hold the key to unlock value across the business.

Businesses that want to leverage PPM need to prepare for process change, technology change and organisational change.

Embrace PPM Technology

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