• We mobilise and coordinate knowledge, people, resources, and capabilities remotely.
  • We help business and technology leaders drive strategic business change and digital transformation via remote project delivery.
  • We disrupt the traditional PMO model, providing clients with cutting-edge delivery capabilities for a fraction of the original cost.
  • The Project Foundry team works together seamlessly in a global operation to ensure excellence

The role of the PMO and project management is evolving – the focus on spreadsheets, schedules, and status reports is becoming redundant.

The digital PMO process takes an overarching view of projects and implements them into a strategic delivery roadmap.

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What can the Digital PMO do for you?

We have identified all the potential pitfalls of traditional project management. Our industry knowledge, combined with our findings, designed a unique Digital PMO solution.

Our Digital PMO overcomes potential pitfalls to ensure success as we move forward in the digital world. Effective, agile & tech-savvy – our Digital PMOs are ready to bridge the gap between strategy, design and innovation.

Financial and Governance

  • Poor financial control, forecasting and governance.
  • Increased and unexpected costs.
  • Issues or “surprises” leading to project failure, delays and scope creep.


  • Multiple silos or tools that are not connected to each other.
  • Inadequate communication and collaboration tools.
  • Difficulty with vendors or third-party providers.

People Management

  • Lack of resource availability and skillsets.
  • Lack of strategic alignment on projects
  • Poor customer experience or stakeholder management.

Why is the Digital PMO different?


Our Digital Project Management Office goes beyond the traditional fundamentals of project management. Taking high-level objectives and distilling them down to the business case level, we can deliver a defined project to create value and ROI.

Digital transformation has paved the way for change within the industry, which means new agile and tech-savvy skillsets are needed to ensure practical projects continue to be delivered.

We support organisational change management – proactively identifying work processes that can be accelerated or more efficiently delivered with less waste.

Our bespoke commercial model delivers significant cost savings, removing expensive upfront consultancy and delivering a sustainable, flexible commercial framework.

We accelerate delivery, agility, and effectiveness in implementing business-driven technology change.

The Digital PMO Features

  • Design & Implement PPM
  • Manage PPM, licensing & upgrade
  • PMO Roadmap Leveraging Emerging Tech
  • Continuous improvement of lean processes and capabilities
  • Access to our proprietary template and process repository
  • Preferential Resource Rate Card
  • Global Delivery Team
  • Portfolio Management & Exec Dashboard
  • Faster Projects with lower costs
  • Business Case Creation
  • Benefits Realisation

The Key Benefits of the Digital PMO


  • No expensive upfront consulting costs
  • Self Funding, when combined with our preferential rate card
  • Financial control; transparent methods and processes
  • Defined ROI: FInancial forecast planning, optimised budget to maximise return


  • Standard and Client Specific KPIs: Set project targets aligned to company objectives.
  • Prioritisation: Focus on your core business and strategy. We take care of delivery.
  • Never miss a milestone; always deliver on time.
  • Robust, transparent reporting and governance.


  • Identify further opportunities for process improvement and value creation in the business.
  • Agile, resilient and flexible delivery model – pay only for what you need or use
  • See your stakeholder engagement skyrocket with effective change management techniques.
  • Removal of waste from PMO processes. Optimise lean processes.

Take our Digital Health Check to gain Intelligent Insights.

Our Digital Health Check is a vital part of our customer onboarding process.

Our tool assign scores to specific project components using our unique and expert evaluation system. Our smart canvas evaluates project components, which include:

  • Collaboration Tools
  • PPM Tools
  • Business Process Management Tools
  • Robotic Process Automation Tools
  • Digital Strategy
  • PMP Roadmap
  • Emerging Tech Skillsets
  • Agile Tools
  • Governance
  • Remote Working Practices and Culture

The Digital PMO Before and After Transformation

Our Digital Project Management Office Maturity Journey


We enable an effective transition from traditional project delivery to a digitally transformed project infrastructure that incorporates the following features:

  • Collaboration Tools
  • Portfolio Management
  • Budget and Time Tracking
  • Business Case Creation
  • Collaboration and Task Management
  • Communication
  • PMO Core Functions
  • Delivery

Download our free digital health check



  1. This template will illustrate how you currently deliver projects and give a baseline to evolve.
  2. If you choose, our industry experts will review and schedule a unique canvassing session with you.
  3. At the end, you will receive an output document with actionable insights identifying quick wins and areas for strategic improvement.

Our industry leaders have designed a PMO Health Check, which you can download for free and avoid the dreaded sales call that usually accompanies this step. The only way we’ll contact you is if you submit your completed Health Check by email for evaluation – that’s how confident we are in the value of this service.