Project Rescue as a Service.

“Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently” – Henry Ford 

Projects don’t always succeed, but The Project Foundry has a strong track record of successfully stepping in to rescue or provide the necessary support for troubled projects. Our project rescue experts combine our proven methodology, our robust project rescue structure and their own experience, to deliver positive results from even the most difficult situations. Realising you have a problem is difficult, but calling in the experts at The Project Foundry is easy.

Why choose The Project Foundry for Project Rescue?

Any project can fail. 

There are times when elements such as quality, scope, budget, or schedule does not meet expectations or requirements. More often than not, this can be due to a lack of effective project management disciplines, or simply a lack of project methodology.

The Project Foundry can help.

What makes us different?

Essential to an effective Project Rescue is the quick identification of the project’s current shortcomings. With quick identification of the problem(s) and the definition and implementation of the necessary action plan, the project can get quickly be taken back on track and on time to meet its overall objectives.

The Project Foundry’s provides Project Rescue as a Service, supplying clients with senior level project managers – highly skilled at recovering projects from the brink of or in the midst of failure. 

The Project Foundry Project Rescue Process

The Project Foundry’s project manager(s) will oversee and implement the project straight through from the point of failure, recovery and to completion.

Following successfully getting the project back on track, a knowledge transfer will take place with the incoming project manager, in order to avoid any future casualties.

The Project Foundry’s Project Rescue service provides high quality leadership with a structured & effective framework for identifying, defining and implementing a plan for getting your project ahead of the game, through the following approach in line with your companies standards and needs:


  • Project scope, schedule, support, risks, and issues assessment. 
  • Project resources, processes, and tools assessment.
  • Action plan and strategy development of team members, processes, and tools.
  • Implementation of action plans through leadership. 
  • Existing project methodology assessment and process recommendations. 
  • Assistance in learned activities.