Value: Measuring project success using business KPIs.

Capacity: It is easier to increase or decrease your capacity, according to your needs.

Cost: It is easier to increase or decrease your costs, according to your needs.

Project management as a contracted service provides clients with qualified project managers who lead client projects using The Project Foundry methodologies, or one customised for the client’s specific needs.

The Project Foundry project managers utilise a consistent approach for project management based upon the methods, techniques, and best practices defined by The Project Foundry in consultation with the client. We have the experience managing projects related to application development, commercial software implementations, and infrastructure deployment.
Our project managers utilise The Project Foundry methodology guidebook and The Project Foundry project management tools and templates, customised for the particular client’s environment as a consistent, repeatable, and successful project management process.

Organisations that are highly agile and able to respond quickly to changing market dynamics complete more of their strategic initiatives successfully than slower, less agile organisations (69 percent versus 45 percent). But only 15 percent of organisations report high organisational agility.