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Transitioning to a cloud-first approach can be challenging. Our expert team led by Mark Carragher has a unique Cloud Transformation, Consulting and Architecture Project Management service. We will help you design, develop and deploy the right cloud strategy for your digital transformation.

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CLOUD transformation AND adoption

With changing market dynamics, organisations need to find ways to innovate in a hybrid IT world. Our Cloud Professional Services can help you accelerate cloud automation, enhance efficiency, and reduce risk and cost. We take a cloud-neutral approach to help determine the most secure and optimised cloud environment specific to your unique business needs.

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Your first three steps to cloud



We start by helping clients define their own journey to the cloud. With insights tailored to your industry, our plans will ensure you achieve your key business outcomes.



We ease the transition to a new operating model and culture. Then you can migrate and modernise applications, build new cloud-based apps and transform your infrastructure.



We map out the program of work to migrate workloads to the cloud, and can help manage the cloud transformation with our program management services.

Our Services

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How does it work

  • We start by understanding and evaluating the project from the beginning to the end, considering any impacts, risks, and benefits.
  • Then, we identify what can ‘go cloud’ and what cannot, which is essential in determining cloud compatibility and adoption requirements.
  • After defining the project size and scope, our cloud specialists design the transformation strategy and architecture of the project.
  • Finally, our Cloud Project Managers oversee the project’s technical delivery user rollout and adoption, while managing the implementations to be made through third-party vendors or providers.

Cloud Advisory

Our Cloud Transformation and Advisory Service works diligently to provide you with everything you need to reach your goals. Let our Cloud Advisory Services be a proven guide to identify the best private, public, and hybrid cloud mix for your cloud transformation journey

Cloud Services

  • Business Critical Services: Discover the power of expertise, analytics and insights to increase performance and transform IT.
  • Reduce risk, accelerate the transformation and ensure optimal results. Cisco Business Critical Services (BCS) lets you harness the power of Cisco’s experts combined with machine learning and artificial intelligence.
  • Achieve your business outcomes faster with a highly secure, efficient and agile framework.


  • Strategy Alignment and Cloud Roadmap
    We help you create a strong foundation for your cloud strategy, so you can achieve the benefits of cloud transformation, adoption and virtualisation.
  • Digital Service Assessment
    Our Experts evaluate public, private and cloud options across multiple opportunities for infrastructure, application, security and operations.
  • Business Operating Model
    We help you assess your current operating model and use key business objectives to recommend areas of focus and enhancement needed to implement the target operating model.


  • We design specific cloud solutions that address specific needs and goals.
  • Not only are we Cloud Consultants, we are also committed to designing and managing the implementation of the proposed solution to ensure its success.
  • We are platform agnostic and our specialists have multi-cloud certifications. We are not tied to Microsoft, Google or Amazon, because our experience has proved that more efficient solutions are often achieved when you have the best options from each.

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