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Cloud Consulting and Project Management

The Project Foundry has recently incorporated a unique Cloud Consulting and Architecture Project Management service to its portfolio.

Filling the gap between traditional IT and Cloud Systems doesn’t need to be overwhelming if you have the right partners by your side. Let us simplify your Cloud migration, reduce costs, minimise disruption, and ensure its success from beginning to end.

Our Cloud Specialist Team, led by Mark Carragher, are Ireland’s most experienced solution architects and leading technologists in providing Cloud Expert Consulting and Architecture that is both agnostic and agile.

An accomplished professional, Mark has over 20 years of experience in designing and managing the implementation of scalable multiplatform cloud solutions for both local and international companies such as KBC Bank, Xerox and PayPal. He holds multiple Microsoft, Azure, AWS, GCP, VMware and Citrix certifications.

Read about Mark’s recent trip to VMWorld 2019 here.

Mark Carragher



From a consulting perspective we start by understanding and evaluating the project from the beginning to the end, considering any impacts, risks, and benefits, identifying what can ‘go cloud’ and what cannot ­– which is essential in determining cloud compatibility and adoption requirements.

After defining the project size and scope, our cloud specialists design the migration strategy and the overall architecture of the project.

Lastly, our Cloud Project Managers oversee the project’s technical delivery and manage the implementations to be made through third party vendors or providers.


  • We design personalised cloud solutions that address specific needs and goals.
  • We are not only Cloud consultants, we are committed to designing and managing the implementation of the proposed solution to ensure its success.
  • We are platform agnostic and our specialists have multi-cloud certifications. We are not tied to Microsoft, Google or Amazon, because our experience has proved that the more efficient solutions are often achieved when you have the best options from each.