As the Chief Technical Officer at Project Foundry, Mark Carragher develops robust technical strategies for corporate and enterprise clients, addressing their security, compliance, and cloud adoption requirements.  

He leads projects such as data centre migrations, ensuring minimal downtime and data integrity, and implements Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS) solutions to enhance organisational security. He also guides clients through cloud migrations, optimising for performance, security, and cost-efficiency, and designs Data Loss Prevention (DLP) platforms to protect sensitive information. 

Mark oversees the delivery of Project Foundry’s Digital Enablement Practice, liaising with customers and teams to keep projects on track and successfully delivered. He is passionate about prioritising customer needs and sees technology as a key enabler for business solutions. Mark has successfully delivered numerous digital process modernisation engagements in his role, from process mapping through digitisation and robotic process automation (RPA). 

Mark excels in steering IT operations at C-Suite and Senior Management levels and in budget planning, projection, and team management. Mark’s core principle aligns IT with business goals, ensuring technological initiatives support and enhance organisational objectives. 

Mark’s expertise includes cloud computing and migration, security and compliance, data centre management, enterprise mobility, data loss prevention, and IT asset management. Known for his strategic technical guidance and commitment to high-quality solutions, Mark is a trusted adviser dedicated to meeting each client’s unique needs. His career is characterised by a dedication to technical excellence and innovative solutions that drive business success. As Chief Technical Officer at Project Foundry, Mark leads with a vision that integrates security, compliance, and cloud innovation.