Tell us a bit about your background.

In my previous role in the HSE (Health Service Executive), I was the former Director of the Health Identity Management Services; I was responsible for the identity management services of the HSE, in particular, the delivery of the Individual Health Identifier (IHI) for individuals as well as unique identifiers for practitioners of health services.

I was National Lead for the Data and Informatics Programme for the HSE UKR crisis response, creating a system of record for Ukrainian displaced citizens; which was grown to be a health system for all in International Protectants. I was also the Programme Lead for Human Digital Transformation, centred around programmes of digital and data transformation education and collaboration for employees.

I have provided executive-level advice, guidance, and support on all areas of transformation with a specific focus on Digital and Data Strategies, organisational development, engagement, innovation, and digital change. I am passionate about stakeholder engagement and the creation of a collaborative environment for organisations working with the public sector. I am a passionate advocate of how technology can impact government services and their delivery.

With more than 25 years in people-focused roles in the public and private sector, I try to use this experience to put people at the centre of everything I do. I am a board member for the charity Spunout, was awarded CIO and IT Leaders Crisis Technology Award in 2023; nominated for HealthTech Ireland Healthcare collaboration award 2023 and I believe strongly in the positive impact of diversity and inclusion to drive change.

I have an undergraduate degree in Psychology, an MSc in Computers and Information Systems and an MSc in Organisational Psychology. I’m currently studying a postgraduate diploma in Leadership at UCD Executive Smurfit.

Tell us about your role with The Project Foundry.

I am an Organisational Psychologist, and the Strategic Data & Digital Solutions Lead for The Project Foundry.

My role is to work with business leaders on aspects related to data strategy, data management, analytics, and digital technologies to drive business outcomes and leverage data as a strategic asset. The result is a data and digitally agile organisation, innovative and creating value for its stakeholders. My passion lies in people and I believe that by enabling and empowering people with the relevant skills, this will drive and accelerate transformation.

What motivates you to do what you do?

People, People, People – studying organisational psychology really opened up the opportunities we have to make an impact for people in their roles, in their organisation. If we support people to feel like they are contributing and giving value by enabling them to embrace continuous growth, then we are making a positive impact in their lives and accelerating the transformation of the business. It is a win, win.

How have you evolved personally and professionally over the years?

A lot! And every day is still a learning day. I love learning, much to the disgust of my children, 0h and I believe in continuous learning and embracing a growth mindset; I am a huge believer in collaboration and that you cannot do everything yourself; ask for help.

What does ‘culture’ in a work environment mean to you?

A positive culture to me is being in a psychologically safe environment where you can bring your whole self to work. One that supports diversity and inclusion and where there is open and transparent communication across the organisation.

Why is it important to you?

I believe people can be happy when there is a good culture; they are supported to give their best in the organisation and can enjoy and learn in their roles.

How do you maintain a healthy balance between your work and personal life?

My kids! They ensure that I keep that balance as they are the most important thing to me. They are still quite young 13 and 10 and I am realising life goes by very fast and I want to make the most I can with them, before they are fully fledged teenagers living their own wee lives!

Are there any misconceptions about your work or field that you would like to clarify?

That it’s a man’s world – 🙂 I have met many incredible women working in IT; Data and Digital Transformation. Also, that my world is technical only. It has a huge balance of soft skills to work with stakeholders; collaborate and translate what is needed from a technical to a business impact.

Is there a particular aspect of your work that you are especially passionate about?

The education of people in the digital and data world. Being part of contributing to someone’s learning journey is hugely rewarding as it impacts their entire world.

How do you deliver value to clients?

By ensuring that I listen first. Truly understand what it is that they are wanting to accomplish but also the underlying foundations that they may need to put in place to deliver their goals. Building relationships with clients is key as trust is the cornerstone for all engagements.

What is one thing people don’t know about you?

I was a milliner, shoe and jewellery designer in a previous life.