With over 20 years of experience in business-driven technology and services, I have served as a senior leader in Change, Transformation, and Programme Management. Prior to founding The Project Foundry, I worked with leading technology outsourcing service providers, overseeing large-scale, complex programs on a global scale. I’ve nurtured a deep-seated passion for helping clients execute their strategy through transformational programs of work. Over the years, I have honed my skills and knowledge, contributing significantly to various programs and high-performing teams. 

As the Founder & CEO at The Project Foundry, I am responsible for driving strategy, growth, innovation, and service development. I’m fortunate to lead a highly experienced and passionate team that is laser-focused on delivering for our clients. My role involves leading the company through a significant growth phase, international expansion, while ensuring that our clients receive top-tier service and support. 

My Motivation 

As a change professional and passionate leader, what drives me is helping clients execute their strategy. I have developed a reputation as someone who gets things done—a skill that can often be overlooked. Our mantra at The Project Foundry is ‘we will always find a way to deliver’ for our clients. We love assisting clients in solving complex problems, delivering with humility and dedication through the skills our team brings. Seeing tangible results and receiving positive client feedback fuel my passion for this industry. 

My Personal and Professional Evolution 

Throughout my career, I have evolved immensely, both personally and professionally. I began by fixing photocopiers and printers, and eventually, I founded The Project Foundry, growing it into a team of 150 dedicated professionals globally. And we’re not finished yet! 

Work-Life Balance 

I’ve received a wealth of valuable advice over the years from people with significantly more experience than I have. Some examples include insights like “Five Tribes” and the importance of making time for yourself As the CEO of a growing business, making sacrifices is inevitable.  It’s crucial to be clear about what you are willing to sacrifice.  

This involves making a personal commitment, a deal with yourself (and those closest to you). One of the most impactful aspects of this, in my experience, is being a parent to a three-year-old boy – Jack. That really helps in maintaining a healthy balance between work and personal life.  

For those fortunate enough, there might be an hour in the morning and an hour before bedtime. While it may not seem like much in the grand scheme of things, it forces you to be fully present. It serves as a powerful reminder of what truly matters in life. 


Just because it’s simple doesn’t mean it’s easy, but we always strive to keep it simple. We deliver the kind of transformative change to our clients that requires a tremendous amount of hard work, dedication, skill, and technique (and sometimes resilience). 

Passion in Work 

I am particularly passionate about our clients’ success. This aspect excites me because my own purpose is to help others with humility and dedication. Witnessing our clients successfully execute their transformations or programmes of work brings me a great sense of satisfaction.  

Delivering Value to Clients 

We deliver value to our clients by excelling at many simple tasks. What we do at The Project Foundry isn’t rocket science. I leverage my extensive experience and knowledge to ensure that The Project Foundry Teams consistently deliver the best services for our clients. I lead a scaling team of highly qualified Project and Programme Managers, Business Analysts, and technologists who provide services across various sectors, including financial services, telecommunications, education, pharma & life sciences, utilities, and the public sector.