Can you tell us a bit about your background?

I began my career as a developer (started with COBOL, FoxPro, Visual Basic) predominantly working on Java and related technologies, moved on to becoming a Technical Lead, Project/Program Manager and a Delivery Manager. I have worked across different Indian IT service companies for different global clients, mostly in the Banking and Insurance sector and some years in Telecom and Logistics. Throughout this time, I had an opportunity to work and handle Projects involving enterprise software like PegaRULES, Salesforce CRM and MS Dynamics CRM.

Can you tell us about your role with The Project Foundry?

I am working as a Principal Program Manager in The Project Foundry, focusing on leading different Programs/Projects for its clients. My responsibilities include leading delivery of solutions, team management, quality management, vendor management and quality/process initiatives.

Currently, I work with one of The Project Foundry’s key clients, a market leader in the CRO space for the client’s IT Operations and Application Support Team, handling programs/ projects and other operational workstreams. I have handled the delivery of key projects, working with the client’s IT teams and different vendors, including the implementation of a Privileged Access Management solution, migration and implementation of collaboration tools and the setting up of a Disaster Recovery (DR) environment for an enterprise product. In addition to delivery responsibilities, I am also responsible for supporting all the India-based contractors of The Project Foundry.

What motivates you to do what you do?

Having been in IT for many years and seeing how it has evolved, some of the motivating factors for me include; learning new things constantly, working and collaborating with team members on complex solutions, deriving a sense of achievement when delivering complex engagements and constantly delivering value to my organisation and clients. Based on my past experiences of working for different global clients/stakeholders, I can navigate situations effectively, and I try and add value to the current situation and my stakeholders constantly.

How have you evolved personally and professionally over the years?


Personally, I have become more patient in many aspects. I am able to empathise and understand other’s viewpoints in a more practical manner. I am constantly trying to help others and looking at ways of creating an impact in other’s lives positively (even if it is at a small scale). Also, I have become more comfortable in handling uncertainties and risky situations.

Professionally, I have had opportunities to work on multiple domains involving different enterprise software, by which I have gained additional skillsets. The last few years, I have been involved in IT Operations and Infrastructure domain, which is new to me, and my learnings have been immense. I have also attended numerous trainings, which have helped me immensely in my work.

What does Culture in a work environment mean to you? Why is it Important to you?

Culture is a set of beliefs and attitudes that prevails in an environment which is conducive to the associates/employees and would help them to gel with the organisation. The overall behaviours exhibited by associates is shaped by the organisational culture.

Work culture is key for any associate/employee as it helps them to communicate openly, express themselves without hesitation, feel accountable for their work, feel respected and valued, and grow and align themselves to the objectives of the organisation.

How do you maintain a healthy balance between your work and personal life?

Though I am still trying to improve on this, I should say that I have made some progress. I have been following some practical tips including:

regular prioritisation of work items (both personal and work-related)

following time management techniques

deciding to have a me-time consciously

celebrating even minor milestones to keep myself motivated

not getting carried away and consciously respecting work timings whenever possible

spending more time with family, friends and colleagues

How do you deliver value to clients?

Being in Technical Delivery, I am involved in constant value creation for my clients including identifying clients’ needs, providing the right technical solution with quality, Project Management, Risk Management and being cost effective, thereby ensuring Customer delight. It has been my constant endeavour to provide Value as a Service (VaaS) continuously, in Services, Solutions and Products.

What is the one thing that very few people know about you?

Though I have been in delivery management for some years now, I can quickly learn and develop code for providing technical solutions. In my earlier stint, I wore a developer hat (just as a personal initiative) to support the Technical Team for addressing defects and developing some core modules, which led to significant cost savings to my client.


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