Zen and the art of Project Management

Zen and the art of Project Management


Zen, as a practice, emphasises rigorous self-control, insight into the self and environment around you, and the personal expression of insight, especially for the benefit of others. Zen is not a goal, but a way to experience the journey.

So how do you run a project with a Zen-like comfort and assurance in both the process, and the outcome?

We suggest you call The Project Foundry, now!

zen frogWe take all of the stress and uncertainty out of managing projects, from the most complex enterprise-level portfolios, to the most straightforward business projects. We have the expertise, experience and the right people to deliver top-class results every time. Managing projects is what we do and what we know. We repeatedly and consistently deliver outstanding results, and in only two years, we have already amassed an enviable roster of satisfied clients, such as Applegreen, Tesco Mobile, Corvil, Dixon’s Carphone, Virgin Media, Datalex, SMBC, Goshawk Aircraft Leasing, and Bank of Ireland, to name just a few.

Our promise to you is the guarantee of project success. And that isn’t an idle catch-phrase. When you engage a project manager from The Project Foundry, you don’t get a single resource, who also becomes a single point-of-failure. You gain the insight and deep knowledge of our extensive team of hugely experienced project and programme managers, who are ready to help in any situation. They have seen it before, and no situation is new for them.

What we excel at is the maintenance of a bird’s eye view of the project landscape, never getting bogged down in the weeds. And when an issue arises, one of our team is guaranteed to have dealt with it before, immediately taking the worry and uncertainty out of your hands, and ensuring the quickest and most efficient route past even the most awkward project road-blocks.

The Project Foundry stands for quality, and integrity in the execution of projects, every time. We only hire the most qualified and competent project resources in Ireland, and we provide flexible and pragmatic solutions for every business we engage with. Do you want to sleep well at night, feel better about yourself and your business, and ensure that your projects are delivered on-time, on-budget, and executed in the most professional manner possible?

You need The Project Foundry.