“Gone”: New Project Management Mobile App is Launched

Mediasans has launched an innovative iPhone app, “Gone.”

The new tool revolutionizes the way that creatives manage their project workflow on the go, and is available for free download from the iTunes store.

Los Angeles-based creative studio Mediasans has shared details of its freshly launched project management (PM) app, “Gone.” The free-to-download tool is a dedicated PM app for the unique demands and agile working environments of creatives, freelancers, consultants and small teams.

A key differentiating feature of “Gone” is that it was created and built specifically for mobile devices, thus avoiding the glitches that come from adapting and condensing a tool from a web experience to a mobile platform.

The mobile nature of the app gives creative and freelance users access to dynamic to-do lists, task sheets and project milestones to enhance their efficiency and simplify the successful execution of their day-to-day project duties.

“Gone” aims to fill the void in the market, by appealing directly to the needs of mobile users. This is in contrast to other PM tools (such as Jira, Asana and Trello), which focus primarily on the web or desktop user. “Gone” allows mobile users the flexibility to create their own working experiences; such as, creating singular projects for micro-tasks, or projects for multiple tasks according to specific subjects.

Will Taylor, founder and creator of “Gone,” gave the following statement to the press regarding the launch:

“We built Gone to be your personal pocket assistant; helping you to manage, track, collaborate and delegate tasks with your team or colleagues, from wherever you are in the world.”

He continued, “Many of us struggle to find time to sit at a desktop computer – so, it makes sense to use our mobile devices to manage our projects and prioritize our time each day. ‘Gone’ can help you do that in ways which you never thought a little app could!”

Regarding breakthrough features, “Gone” has wide functionality for optimum UX, enabling users to add content; mark tasks as being completed or in progress; assign priority to specific tasks with the ‘spotlight’ feature; and, assign tasks to team members.

By going beyond the capabilities of many other leading PM tools, “Gone” allows for the creation of special categories within each project. This notable feature is geared towards the power user who wants to closely manage the workflow of a project and input customizable settings. Furthermore, there are no limits to the number of projects that can be created.

“Gone” distinguishes itself further from other PM tools with its strong value-proposition. It is a completely free out-of-the-box comprehensive tool, built solely for a mobile experience. It has been designed to offer peak performance while retaining an interface that is intuitive, user-friendly and familiar.

Crucially, for high-volume users who wish to integrate “Gone” with cloud-based storage, there is no additional cost to add features for Dropbox and Google Drive compatibility.

Mediasans invites you to learn more about “Gone” by visiting their site and reading the case study.

You can get “Gone” at: http://www.getgone.io/.